1937 GREAT BRITAIN. England. 1937.

GREAT BRITAIN. England. London. 12 May, 1937.

People had waited all night in Trafalgar Square in order not to miss any part of the coronation ceremony of George VI. Some slept on benches and others on newspapers. The next morning, one who was wearier than the others, had not yet wakened to see the ceremony for which he had kept such a late vigil.

Londres. Couronnement de Georges VI. 12 mai 1937.

Pour кtre sыr de ne rien manquer de la cйrйmonie, ces Londoniens ont passй la nuit а Trafalgar Square, mais l’un d’eux, pendant que passe le cortиge du couronnement, n’a pas pu se relever des fatigues de la nuit.

(Sauvette 33)

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